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For Coaches

One-on-One Mentor Coaching

Are you looking to gain an ACC credential, or advance to a PCC credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). When you work with me as your mentor coach you will receive 10 hours of time that will meet the ICF mentoring requirement.  You will be committing the time to yourself to reflect on and refine your coaching skills in preparation for your credential application.

As your mentor I will partner with you and take a coach approach to helping you discover your strengths in, and growth opportunities to be able to confidently demonstrate the eight core coaching competencies of the ICF.  You will receive written feedback on three of your recorded coaching sessions that you will submit to me for review along the way on your journey to success.

Let’s work together to refine your coaching presence, build your confidence and establish your unique coaching style to align with the guidelines of the credential you are striving for.

Your Investment in Learning: $2900.00 CAD

  • 10 hours of one-on-one coaching over six-month period
  • Written feedback on three submitted coaching sessions up to 40 minutes each
  • Mentor coaching to build your presence and confidence and refine your skills to meet ICF requirements
Group Mentor Coaching

Sometimes one-on-one mentor coaching doesn’t fit your budget, or you don’t have the clients to record enough sessions for the feedback.  The ICF also allows for 7 of 10 hours of group mentor coaching to meet the requirement.  I offer group mentor coaching through The Coaching Academy for Leaders.


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Coaching Academy for Leaders

Improve your leadership ability by integrating coaching skills. Coach training helps you become a better leader, feel confident and reach your objectives, and inspire your team to do bigger things than they ever have before. Begin your journey to become a professional coach and achieve extraordinary results with this life-changing experience at our leadership coaching academy.


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