What Others Are Saying About Evergreen Leadership

My clients are the cornerstone of Evergreen Leadership and I am so pleased to showcase some of the success stories that I have received. Please take a moment to read what others have said about these sessions. If you would like to add your own testimonial to this page, please contact me; I would love to hear your thoughts!

“I have participated in a coaching relationship with Lori for over four years, and I can say that my time spent in conversation with her have been immensely beneficial to my development as a leader.  Lori has a unique gift for asking questions that drive me to look at my leadership challenges from a whole new perspective, and to come up with my own strategies for tackling them.  I highly value our regular coaching sessions.”

Greg Hendricks

“When I first connected with Lori, I was in a definite transition in my professional journey. I sought Lori for guidance in searching for a lost sense of professional confidence after leaving an oppressive work environment. Exiting a well-established professional career into a new area was exciting, yet with it brought much ambiguity. I never dreamed that I would be changing career directions at this point in my professional life. In working with Lori , I was able to find and develop my professional strengths, establish clear professional goals and most importantly, find my voice that I had thought I had lost forever. This experience has been central to my professional transformation and brought clarity to my work, my personal goals and my future ahead.  I am now walking this journey with a new intrinsic strength and personal insight.”

J. Weis

“I am forever grateful to Lori and the time she spent with me on our coaching calls. When I started my coaching with Lori, I was stuck in an endless cycle of “what ifs” that were preventing me from moving forward in my business and my personal life. However, with Lori’s gentle, but firm, questions and reflections back to me about what it was that I wanted to achieve, I was able to completely clarify what I wanted to really do and the real reasons for why I wanted to do it. Because of that process with Lori, my business is in a new positive place and progressing nicely, and my mind and heart are clear about what I want for my very bright future! I would recommend Lori to anyone who wants to make a change in their life that will launch them forward to where they dream of being.”

Mark Samuel

“Lori has been my coach for the past 2 years. She is truly an amazing listener and has helped me become more self-aware. She guides me through the coaching sessions and helps me identify solutions myself. She has a knack for recognizing strengths in me that I did not know existed and is excellent in providing constructive feedback for growth and development. I also applaud Lori’s relationship building skills; she is able to build a trustful relationship easily. I have set and achieved many important goals in the last couple of years and will always be thankful to Lori for her efforts in helping me on this journey.”

Nisha Suresh

“One of Lori’s great skills is to help you get the best out of yourself by encouraging reflection and self-analysis. For me, that meant a whole new perspective on my relationships with the people that I work with every day. She has served as that extra voice in my head that helps steer my internal ship through the many interactions I have throughout my day. With her guidance, I have been able to not only affect better outcomes, but also to improve relationships to the point where others have commended me.”

Aaron Semeniuk


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Lori is passionate about working with leaders and their teams to create high performance results. She specializes in leadership and executive coaching and also works with leadership teams. As a skilled coach and facilitator she uses a wide variety of tools, techniques and processes including conversational intelligence, retreat facilitation and personalized assessments, in order to help you increase your team's effectiveness.
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