One on One Leadership and Executive Coaching

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One on one coaching

Coaching is a collaborative relationship where, as your coach, I will create a safe and confidential space for you to develop yourself personally and professionally.  I will take on the role of your listening and accountability partner, and through curiosity, inquiry, and observation, allow you to explore the opportunities and possibilities available to you to achieve your desired results. The dialogue generated from our conversations will give you the insight and energy to move from where you are today, to where you want to be in leadership and life in the future.

As your coach, I am fully committed to helping you increase your leadership effectiveness and meet your goals. I will ask questions to:

  • Stimulate your thinking
  • Put you in control
  • Explore deeper levels of understanding
  • Inspire insights
  • Identify possible solutions
  • Clear away barriers and
  • Plan actions to move you forward.

My genuine desire is to help you acquire the insight you need to accelerate your growth as a leader and achieve the results you want.

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