Leaders Leading Themselves and Others to Excellence

Evergreen leadership is about achieving leadership excellence. It’s about creating the space for you to discover what you are passionate about, and planning the steps to achieve your full potential. We all dream of one day being our best selves, achieving our impossible future, and taking our success to the next level.  Let me help you get there, by finding the insight and energy you need to accelerate your growth as a leader and achieve the results you desire, one conversation at a time.

When we achieve leadership excellence we are also able lead others to excellence.  I can help you create a high performing team that works together and achieves outstanding results.

Would you like to increase your effectiveness as a leader?

Lori is passionate about working with leaders and their teams to create high performance results. She specializes in leadership and executive coaching and also works with leadership teams. As a skilled coach and facilitator she uses a wide variety of tools, techniques and processes including conversational intelligence, retreat facilitation and personalized assessments, in order to help you increase your team's effectiveness.
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